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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  December 20, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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nothing came out of nothing. >> the opposite is god did it and where did god come from? he came from nothing. >> sean: you are looking at this from a very narrow egotistical vantagepoint. >> it's about science, sean. >> sean: you can't believe there is something greater than you. >> in the abence of knowledge, if we don't know something, that's not evidence for an invisible magic man in the sky. that's evidence for the fact we need to learn more. that's what it means. >> sean: good to see you. >> thanks for having me on the sean. >> sean: merry christmas. >> happy thol days? >> dana in for greta tonight. thanks for being with us, have a great night. >> tonight, a rationally charged attack on a senator, calling the nomination of the g.o.p.'s first black senator since the 70s,
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desperate and referring to tim scott as a token. mia love joinsous that and then... >> caught on cam remarks have you seen the violence in michigan between pro-union protesters and right-to-workers. and new evidence that shows how crazy it's gotten. breaking news in the fiscal cliff crisis. speaker barron killing the vote on his plan "b." look. >> so here we are, ladies and gentlemen... in what appears to many to be dark days. the president is determined to leap off the cliff. >> what the american people are watching right here, right now is the tragic comedy because the other side knows quite well that even if this legislation passes the house today, it is going nowhere. >> president obama and if senate democrats haven't done much of
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anything. >> this is not a plan -- it's a ploy. >> people are not blaming obama for any of this mess yet. >> two republicans take up our bill in the house, the one that passed here, there is nothing to discuss. we are not taking up any of the things they are working on. >> this idea of passing plan "b" is dead on arrival. >> obama is getting credit for trying to fix it and trying to deal with it -- that's got to change. >> we also know very well that revenues are not the issue here, it is spending. >> their plan "b" will slow walk us over the fiscal cliff. >> he has to own this stuff. >> we don't just have a fiscal cliff, we have a fiscal abyss in front of us. and that is the debt crisis that is on our horizon. >> plan "b" is a multi-day exercise in futility. >> for week, the white house said that if i moved on rates,
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that they would make substantial concessions on spending cuts and entitlement reforms. i did my part. they have done nothing. >> we haven't been able to make it on the last four years, i don't know how you make him own the fiscal cliff. but that's the challenge here. >> i'm dana perino. we are one step closer to falling off the financial cliff. hours ago, the house decided not to vote on plan "b." speaker barron saying his plan to avoid a massive january tax hike didn't have the votes to pass. former house speaker newt gingrich is here. i can't think of a better guest to have right now, speaker. did you -- did you watch everything unfold a couple of hours ago? >> i did. but with key take one second? i want to comment about tim scott. tim scott ran as a republican on a contract with his local county back in 1995. he was inspired by the contract with america. he was a very effective elected official. when he ran for congress, he
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beat both former senator strom thurman's son and former senator carol campbell's son. he is the real deal. he was supported by the tea party movement. he is a solid conservative and a very honorable person. i find it sad that people on the left are so threatened to have a conservative african-american member of the senate that they would say despicable things about him. i know him personally. he's going to be a great u.s. senator. he's a great pick and i am very proud of haleigh cummings -- of nikki haley for picking him. i wanted to get that out before i started about the current mess in washington which i am frankly puzzled by. congress, the legislative branch, has five tools -- proceedingses, oversight, legislation, communication by all of its members and negotiation. negotiation's the weakest of the five tools. i frankly wish the house
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republicans would go home, relax, they voted to stop a middle-class tax increase f. harry reid wanted to stop it in the senate, that's fine. the president wants to veto it, that's fine. this is not a crisis that will end the republic. it's a mess. i wish we would go back to open negotiations, to open hearings, to open markups. letting the american people see the process, i think negotiating in secret in the white house, producing a $1 trillion, $2 trillion deal in the next 10 days i think is the worst possible outcome. >> to me, i have been surprised because they have known this was coming for a year. yet, seems like after the election, nobody had any plan. the republicans have been in the cul-de-sac. i keep thinking, why aren't they blaming president obama and senator reid for the -- for not bringing the democrats along, which was the point in the first place? and in addition, mr. speaker, i would like your thoughtite housh
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said that the speaker's plan, plan "b" was dead on arrival. it wasn't going to be votessed on. so this was an exercise in futility. >> that's right. here's the challenge. obama clearly believes right now that he can bluff the house republicans and they will cave. i think people forget when they talk about bill clinton and i got a lot done -- which is true, welfare reform, four consecutive balanced budgets and serious reforms and we closed the government for six days in november of '95, closed it for 21 days in december and january. we had a knock-down drag-out period, beginning to realize we were both serious. i think right now that harry reid, senator majority leader and the president of the united states don't believe the house republicans are serious. my advice to them would be, have every single committee and subcommittee, starting january 3 hold hearings on every element of waste in the federal government. let the country see all the different ways we waste money to
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pick up on what congressman cantor said, spenning is the problem. i would drive issue after issue on spending. i will say look, we are glad to fix the tax rate, any time the president and the democrats want to talk and they are serious, we will talk to them. until then, we are going to get spending under control and do what we can to save our children and grandchildren. i think that would be a much betters strategy. >> based on the substance of plan "b," which initially was rejected by everyone, including lots of republicans and then a couple of days later, people started to say, wait a second, it gives permanent tax cut relief to 99% of americans and fixes the amt permanently. it did good things palingswise. but from the speaker's perspective -- why did they not sell that to the members beforehand? how in the world do they call for a vote and not know that they cannot have them? >> well, i think this is what
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happens when you get involved in being in too many secret rooms. you forget, the genius of the american system is, first of all, it's 311 million citizens get to participate. second, that there are 537 elected officials in washing wash. they all won elections. they all have legitimate rights. they all should be engaged. it's really prents that you bring people along that you grow your vote through information and conversation and that the -- the actual vote comes last. it didn't come first. i think it's unfortunate they are where they are, but i think they -- they brought out in the open, the president didn't care about getting his tax increase, the fact is that harry reid and the democrats didn't care about the tax increase, what they want is everything. they want all the spending. they want the additional stimulus monotheir terms. and when they couldn't get it -- they think they can blame the republicans. i was vanish struck, i was with
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bob woodward, a very wise, senior reporter. he said, any democrat who think this is president can avoid responsibility for the economy and the second term completely misunderstands the american history. he got away with blaming george w. bush for the first term. this is going to be obama's economy. if it goes sour, it will be his failure when it goes sour. >> i am so glad you brought that up. i was wonder fght white house is thinking, oh, my gosh, what did we just do? they pushed the republicans to the point where now, the market's already reacting, saying we don't like this, we don't like the way this is going. if it's over the fiscal cliff. republicans might take the blame. but at this point, the white house bears responsibility for putting them in the position where their backs are against the wall and boehner had come all that way and they said no. >> the house republicans and the senate republicans don't look at a poll for the next 12 months. the election is in 2014. figure out what you want to go
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to the american people with, what the real choice will be in 2014. work away at it steadily. people will come to believe in your seriousness and what you are trying to accomplish. the japanese had a term after they won in pearl harbor and they surprised us. they ran amok and they got beaten badly and they said they had victory disease. i think there is a victory disease at the white house. i think they are dramatically overestimating the -- the power they have. and i think they are underestimating the risk they are running of really putting this economy in drabble. >> i agree. let me ask you about more recent history that goes back to 1997 when you worked with president clinton to get that bill done. i wonder if there were lessons you learned at that point from that -- that you could provide to the house republicans now or if you are just dealing with a completely different type of white house negotiations? >> you know, i have a sense
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that -- president obama's radically different from president clinton. president clinton had been the governor of a southern state. he had worked directly with a relatively conservative legislature. he was used to the give and take of governing. as you know, with president bush, governor of texas. governors get the rhythm of dealing with the electricitiure. they may not like it, but it's a fact of life. i think president obama has been so much of an ordispore lecturer, the guy at the center of things and had so much power with peulosey and reid in the first two years, that he really has not gotten the rhythm. he and boehner should be meeting for hours and hours and hours. we calculate dhad president clinton and i met for 35 day, altogether, when you added up the meetings. have you to listen. you have to say, this is what i have to get and this is what i can't do. is there somewhere where we can work something out? that takes a lot of time.
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i sense they spend almost no time in serious conversation. >> i wanted to ask but that. it seems to me that bill clinton was pretty good at taking whatever you were putting on the table and saying, thank you very much, and taking that as a win and communicating that as if it was his success story that. has been -- i guess the most recent history written about bill clinton was that he was so successful because he could lead and get tout come to the table when it was actually quite mutual. >> look, it was mutually barbiturate. we had not been elected in 40 years. when we got elected, we had not won re-election since 1928. so we had a real interest in figuring out how to get this thing to work and get re-elected. the president realized he start too far to the left. sowhen we got to welfare reform. he signed it the third time. that began a pattern. he was president. as you remember from your own importance experience, you have the bully pulpit from the white
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house, on any given day, you can dominate the news. not for six months, you but you can do it for one day. >> it help when is the press is on your side. >> absolutely. >> two other questions. one, there is some talk that there might be a challenge to speaker boehner that a fellow republican would mount a challenge and try to unseat him. do you see that coming? >> i doubt t. i think people are frustrated and there is a lot of back-biting and bickering tonight. but i think that john boehner has worked very, very hard. i think it comes down to the question of -- as long as his core team is with him, i think he is in good shape that. means, basically, cantor has to stay with him. paul ryan has to be with him and a handful of other key players. if happens, he will be all right for this round. but they are faced with a very big challenge over the next two years. and they need to slow down and
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they need to develop a strategy. they don't currently have any strategy that i can tell as an outsider. >> this is my last question for you, did you know that you and i crossed paths in 1995? it was the first day of the first government shutdown, november 19, 1995 was my first day as press secretary to the late congressman dan sheafer. >> i did not realize that. that's wild. you were right in the middle of it, then. you know how much more complicated it was than the later memories. >> also, i didn't know if i was an essential employee or not. >> i hope you were. i would have vouched for you. >> we are so glad we in you tonight. thank you so. >> thank you. >> tough question on the benghazi terror attack. did the department's failure to lead to the murder of four americans?
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an arlg criticizing senator demint's replacement. why? because he's black. a judge has agreed to review the case of civil rights violations after four months of captivity. will jon hammar get to come home? we will have a live report from mexico city, straight
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itch to imply that congressman tim scott was appointed not because of has intelligence, not because he's a capable human being and has eye great, great insight and can make a difference. but to imply he was elected because he's a mere token is an insult to all african-americans and to anyone who has fought hard for human beings to express their opinions. >> the thing that surprises me is how little people know about tim scott's background and how -- this liberal academic in the new york times jumped to this conclusion. representative scott, soon to be senator, ran an insurance business in charleston, south carolina. he served on the city council for 13 years. he's much more accomplished than other people i could name. yet, he still gets this label
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and then nikki haley, the governor of south carolina, getted tagged with this cynical token label which i think is absolutely astounding. i wonder how you deal with it personally because you were also a target of this type of attack when you were running for congress this past year. >> you know, i just don't deal with it. as a matter of fact, the district i ran in was 97% white. i wasn't in there it try to woo the 3%. i was in there to promote fiscal values and personal responsibility. i'm a mom who wants to present opportunities for our children. >> know representative tim scott. he is thoughtful, he's intelligent. he's respectful and he's respected. so i think that this is just -- there are people who are out there that are frightened. i saw many people come out of the woodwork to say, gosh, i'm so happy that there are other conservative black americans out there. i feel like somebody's
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expressing my views. this is just a way to try to keep african-americans or black americans from -- from being -- from coming out and talking about conservative values and taking part in what we believe is going to be the best for our country. >> in the past couple of months, the exact opposite situation occurred for ambassador susan rice, the ambassador to the u.n., in line to get the secretary of state job. but senators questioned her experience or qualifications and some of her judgment and they were labeled as sexist and rapist. when she -- racist. they are darned if they do and darned if they don't. >> listen, we have looked -- i have talked about this during convention. i said, this president would like to separate us based on income level, gender, race, social status. that's exactly what is happening right now. if you look at what is happening, the president's policies have hurt the most vulnerable amongst us.
10:22 pm
think about black american male, 14% unemployment. what's happening. if adolph reed wants to stay on the government plantation, that's perfectly fine for him. but he should not keep anyone else from trying to escape and being ultimately more free and self sufficient and independent. >> you know what i think they're most worried about? a good, strong -- >> what do you think. >> a good strong person with experience experience, a willingness to give back through public service and an ability to communicate very well. i think that you, tim scott, several others that i can think of -- allen west is another -- you provide a message that is clear. it's cutting. you are not afraid. i really appreciate that about you. >> lwe have beenue know, there have been some of us in the past that have fought really hard for all of us to be -- to be viewed as capable individuals and for us to be viewed equally as americans. and there is more to come. so it doesn't matter what they say. you know, we are going to be out
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there, we are going to continue to fight. we are going to get people to come along with us. not based on gender, not based on race. but based on policies that is going to create a better america and preserve what we love here in this country. >> couldn't have said it better myself. >> thank you mayor love. >> thank you. >> coming up, an american marine held for months in a mexican jail cell for carried -- carrying his rengsterred gun. will jon hammar be coming home for christmas? there will be a live update in minutes. "the five" became the six. the king of cable news is taking no prisoners. see what happens when bill o'reilly invaded our set. i always wait until the last minute. can i still ship a gift in time r christmas? yeah, sure you can. great. where's your gift? uh... whew. [ male announcer ] break from the holiday stress. ship fedex express by december 22nd for christmas delivery.
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>> a very special guest joined us tonight on "the five." bill o'reilly stopped by on the set. and this is the madness that ensued. >> i got news reports, i know some of this we need to get confirmed. how stingy fox was on your last contract. and i just wantedue are close to be able to get on food stamps. can i help you? >> i can get on social security. but i am not going to take social security. did you know that? i am going to send it back to the government. i don't want it. >> good for you. that's 0.0000 -- >> [overlapping dialogue] >> stop you from taxing the 2%, does it? >> for what? and for what? solyndra? >> a little more than a year ago, after "the five" started, i came on your show and you were very skeptical about "the five"
10:28 pm
and whether or not it would work. >> that's because gutfeld was on it. >> i remember you calling did crappy. >> that's a total lie. >> you told me i shouldn't have moved to new york and i shouldn't be that confident in the show. but the show has worked -- >> i don't remember any of these things. >> i remember it! >> i remember it. >> you have a concussion, o'reilly? >> i am going to have one. >> a clintonian concussion? >> why does it work? >> i think that people like probust debate. but the primary reason is that i trained your producer and he worked on "the factor. " >> anything in america that works that bill o'reilly was not associated associated with? >> i don't know if he liked it or not. but you can catch me and the bier gang on "the five" on week days here at fox. >> an american marine trapped in an mexican jail cell has been chained to his bed.
10:29 pm
a judge will be reviewing his case tomorrow. he was arrested for carrying an antique rifle that belonged to his grandfather. his parents have been working around the clock to pring him home. but the u.s. state department hasn't been much help. we go to mexico city. >> reporter: various factors are in play here. it's a very good piece of news, the judge is going to consider this, whether it will be over by christmas, we don't know. perhaps by the new year. but hopefully by christmas. the important thing is to avoid the issue going to trial. it is scheduled for trial on the 17th of january. and a penalty is 15 years in prison. the thing is, this is a technicality. the shotgun -- it was 1 inch above -- below, sorry, shorter than itship -- should be. but it's an antique weapon. it can't be classified under modern terms. also, his lawyers should really
10:30 pm
be contacting the mexican national human rights commission about this chaining to a bed and chaining to a wall. his rights have been clearly violated in these cases. and these instances of him being chained. jon declared this weapon in good faith. so really, it's a question of common sense. plus the fact that incidents have been caused in the past when governments have stomped up and down and demanned things. really, i don't know what's happening with the state department. but they should be working vigorously mind the scenes to help his lawyers as well. this is a man who served his country and his country should serve him. he was a marine. he shouldn't be held like this and something should be done. he's in one of the most dangerous prisons in mexico. so time is absolutely of the essence. it was a technical violation, more than anything else. he declared the weapon. he didn't try to conceal it.
10:31 pm
it was at worst, an honest, technical mistake. he should have been freed by now. >> do you think he will be back home for christmas? >> if i am being honest with you, my heart says -- and i hope, yes. but things in mexico tend to close down very close to christmas. the streets are empty already now in mexico city. a lot of people are going on holiday. but the fact that the judge has said he's considering it is good news. i would say it would be better to look for before the new year. but the most important thing, as i said, is to avoid a trial on the 17th of january. that is the most important thing, to get this resolved and to get him released and back home. my best estimate would be early in the new year. that would be the best thing. the most important thing is to classify it as a technical mistake. >> thank you so much. as you heard, it has been four months sins jon ham hammar's
10:32 pm
arrest. at times, he has been shackled to his bed, deprived of food and the target of death threats. his family says the state department has stonewalled and refused to step in to bring jon home. john bolton is joining us from washington, d.c. you obviously have experience as an ambassador. what would you have done differently up up to now? >> there is very little evidence that the state department, behind the scenes or in public has given the case the serious attention that it deserves. obviously with respect to jon hammar himself, this is outrageous, he tried to follow the procedures that are required to bring a firearm into mexico. it was obviously not intended for use. but for display purposes. we can say what's happened to him. the particular facts of this case are outrageous, in and of themselves. but there is a larger issue here. i think it has to do with the mexican governments blaming the
10:33 pm
united states for part of its drug cartel problem. you know, their view is it's all of these american firearms flooding mexico, illegally. i fear that the obama administration has been sympathetic to that charge for the last four years. i think that was one of the motivations of the fast & furious operation. so that, i am worried that the administration has given jon hammar's case short shrift because of this larger issue. >> do you think -- i would imagine that the family was probably being counseled by the state department to the extent that they had conferrings with them, counseled to be quiet, let us work this out. but there came a point when they got this photo, sent anom musly of him chained to the bed that the family decided the only way to get something done is public. now you have a judge going to look at it. so maybe that worked? >> yeah, i can certainly understand saying, trying, let's try to do it the quiet way.
10:34 pm
that's often the most successful. a but after this length of time, the only conclusion is that the mexican government is using this particular case it make a larger point. that's when you have to apply political pressure at a much higher level. mexico can do a lot of things to make it easy for them to justify releasing jon hammar. they can say it's christmas, spirit of generosity. they can say it's a farewell present to hillary clinton. they kasay whatever they want. the important thing is to get him out and to later deal with the mexican government and make it absolutely clear this conduct by them is unacceptable to americans. >> our state department can do the right thing, helping them figure out the right way to get out of it. >> exactly. find any pretext they want. get the individual released and then come back on the larger point. >> thank you, ambass dor. >> thank you. >> coming up, a deadly blizzard in the midwest, causing chaos. where's hadt heading next?
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>> live from america's news headquarters, i'm marianne rafferty. a moment of silence will be observed friday morning, one week after the shooting rampage in newtown, connecticut. the president will honor them privately, without any news coverage. adam lanza killed 20 children and six adults before turning the gun on himself. instagram, backtracking on the new terms of service agreement. the company, owned by facebook, writing a blog post saying it will ask permission to use photos from users in possible
10:41 pm
ads. users became concerned after new terms implied their personal photos could appear in advertisements without their knowledge. now back to roared record. ure are watching the most powerful name in news, fox newschannel. >> this is a fox news weather alert. thousands are stranded as a deadly midwestern storm leaves thens without power. we go live to chicago for more. >> reporter: dana, what a difference a few hours makes, five to be specific. when the snowfall started. i want to show you, a car that was here when we got here, just left a few moments ago. you can see the difference. now, you mentioned about the cancellations and the weather. it's been affecting air travel. chicago o'hare international airport reporting 350 flight
10:42 pm
cancellations with delays of 30 minutes. chicago midway airport reporting 150 cancellations with delays och to 50 minutes and dana, can you imagine, this is our first snowfall of the season? a record 290 days between now and our last measurable national weather advising everyone, if you don't have to be out in this wintry mix, stay home. it's beautiful. but i can tell you first hand, it is dangerous. loots the latest from lake zurich, here on the northwest suburbs of chicago. back to you. >> all right. thanks. will the state department change their ways? leaders programs congress they will, after a scathing report revealing, quote, systemic failuresats the department. the report also found inadequate security is partially responsible for the death of four americans murder --
10:43 pm
murdered out our benghazi consulate. congressman, you were in on the hearings, did you get any answers to any of your questions? >> no! it's terribly frustrating. this report essentially blames everybody. consequently, it holds nobody accountsable. it is so frustrating to hear two gentlemen come before congress in the senate and the house and essentially not provide any details. when they were asked, poigned questions by members of the foreign relations committee, they basically pleaded ignorance. we don't know, we have no answers. and the problem here is we have four dead americans, we have thousands of americans who are going to be away from their families during this holiday season. and yet, i worry that they're in peril because this state department has so many systemic failures and challenges, yet nobody at the top of the food chain is taking responsibility. >> i wonder if that is actually the answer though, they have no
10:44 pm
idea. maybe that's the indictment of the systemic failure. unlike in the private sector, when there are consequences when people are asked to leave nthis case, at the state department, secretary clinton did not come because she has a concussion. she says she will come, maybe in january, i guess. but other people did resign because of this. and -- i don't know -- that doesn't sit well with me. >> no. it doesn't. the people at the top of the food chain are making the decision, helping to direct the funds. think about it. a group came in, in just over 60 days, they found more than two dozen systemic failures and had 60 recommendations, which begs the question: why on june 6, when our consulate was bombed in benghazi, why didn't they bay attention then? this was the precursor. that was terrorism then. but nobody died so they didn't do anything. that's the problem. they didn't take any action after june. they found in 60 days -- chock-full of problems,
10:45 pm
challenges, in 60 recommendations. and yet, nobody gets fired. nobody can take responsibility. nobody seems to know the details of it. we have -- we haven't found any of the perpetrators. >> that's amazing to me. the person blamed for making the video is still in jail, but we haven't gon after the people in libbia. i need to give you a chance to respond to something. i don't believe this investigation has been partisan. i believe that the government needs to conduct the oversight over the state department. but some democrats are saying this is all the house republicans' fault baize they starved the state department of resources and in the remaining seconds we have, how do we respond to that. >> sharlene lamb was asked, was funding the reason you didn't provide security? she said no. the sst security that was requested from the department of defense budget, not from the state department budget. the third point, over the last five years, the state department
10:46 pm
has had a 100% increase in funding. it's priorities. they didn't prioritize security. they had all the funds they needed. >> and you have the flexibility at the state department. >> they were doing puppet show. they have a culinary festival. they have a green initiate 95 vienna. >> i have to cut us off. i could talk to you all night. merry christmas. thank you. >> thank you. >> straight ahead, new video released of a violent union protest. we will take you inside the we will take you inside the chaos, as you can see,s customer satisfaction is at 97%. mmmm tasty. and cut! very good. people are always asking me how we make these geico adverts. so we're taking you behind the scenes. this coffee cup, for example, is computer animated. it's not real. geico's customer satisfaction is quite real though. this computer-animated coffee tastes dreadful. geico. 15 minutes could save you 15 % or more on car insurance.
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someone get me a latte will ya, please?
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>> unedited video of a union mob attacking protesters outside the capitol. set the scene and why did you think it was important to release this unedited portion of the video. >> reporter: i think it's important to release this unedsitted portion of the video, anyone who disagrees with these protesters is plet with loud chants, banging drums, intimidating threats or finally, just met with violence. and of course, the media was compliceit in supporting the unions in their intimidation tactics. when i released the initial vowas that a minute and-a-half.
10:51 pm
they said, you must have edited this or instigated this. >> we are going to take a look at -- because you just set tup beautifully for us. let's take a look at this. [loud commotion] [yelling and
10:52 pm
bleeping]. >> steve, tell me, what do you think that shows, that the original video didn't show? >> reporter: firstly, i think you just blew out my ear drum with all the beeps. i am sorry, i had to send you
10:53 pm
the unedited version. you can your work cut owl out for you. the union thugs are animals. you can see, if people saw me on twitter, they were chanting -- they were basically warning people of the acts of violence they were about to encounter. these people were not there for a peaceful protest. they don't want voices -- by the way, i have openly said, if union thugs happen to have footage that they think is damning of the conservative protesters there, please send it along. i believe in equal time. but you will notice in this video, even though the conservative protesters -- who have every right to be there, outnumbered, 1, 2, 20, 30, 50 to one, they are pacing of the the union thugs are covering up the cameras with the signs. you can see why. >> all right. i am glad you were able to come on. thanks so much. >> coming up, did you hear the bad news?
10:54 pm
the world is going to end tomorrow. wh are people in washington doing with their last few hours on earth? on earth? griff i always wait until the last minute.
10:55 pm
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10:57 pm
can i still ship a gift in time r christmas? yeah, sure you can. great. where's your gift? uh... whew. [ male announcer ] break from the holiday stress. ship fedex express by december 22nd for christmas delivery. >> greta: 11:00 is almost here, that means it is time for last call. so we hope you didn't have unfinished business because according to the mayan calendar, the world ends tomorrow, griff jenkins hit the streets to find out what folks are doing in the final
10:58 pm
few hour autos you can forget about the fiscal cliff a cording to the mayan calendar, the world is ending tomorrow, what are you guys going to do? any special plans tonight? >> get drunk. >> spending my remaining time with my beautiful wife. we're going to celebrate in our own little way, just in case. >> we have friends in germany. he's 16 hours ahead. and he's still there. >> the end of the world? i think i can't talk about it. >> have you heard that? >> yes. yes. >> no big plans? >> no big plans. too late now. >> the white house doesn't believe that the world is ending. they're getting ready for inauguration, more than a month away. >> the world? no longer ends. the end of the world is tomorrow. >> oh, oh. i got it. okay. >> all gone. what do you think?
10:59 pm
>> i don't believe that. >> do you think you need to keep running and getting thin considering the world ends tomorrow? >> yes. i try. >> greta: that is your last call. we're closing down shop. time for me to go to bed. before we go a quick look at a fox tile we take a look back at one of the bizarre kidnappings in history, 1963 kidnapping of frank sinatra, junior. plus, the four legged heroes working hard to protect our troops. i take you inside of the world to super dogs to find out what it takes to train these dogs to meet tern concerns of today. >> some dogs go on to be law enforcement dogs. >> greta: this canine responded to the newtown, connecticut shooting. another dog working in law enforcement is holland. fox files met up with him and his handler police officer


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